2019 Pharma Industry Awards: A message from Emmet Browne, CEO

By October 24, 2019No Comments

Nuritas is honoured to have been shortlisted for a grand total of three awards in this evenings 2019 Pharma Industry Awards.

Our Categories include:

  • Biotech Company of the Year
  • Innovation of the Year
  • Pharma Company of the Year (SME)

Although we will not know until this evening how we have fared, it is a significant and huge milestone for us. As Ireland is now home to all 10 of the top 10 global pharma companies and with 14 of the world’s top 15 multinationals having operations here, we are truly up against outstanding and really established competition. By way of example, there are “90 + biopharma manufacturing plans in Ireland, over 40 of which are FDA approved.” In our own shortlisted areas we are competing with, amongst others, Pfizer, MSD, Alexion and Ipsen pharmaceuticals. These four companies alone would have approximately a quarter of a million staff collectively worldwide.

For a company founded locally here in Ireland in 2014, it demonstrates the huge strides that we have made and the massive potential that exists before us. The excitement is building and indeed palpable. Whilst we have not won anything yet, we have certainly arrived.

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