Life-changing discoveries for a changing world

At Nuritas, we recognise the vast untapped potential that exists in naturally occurring Bioactive Peptides. Our unique discovery platform targets, predicts and unlocks these natural ingredients to provide new solutions and opportunities for our partners across a wide range of application areas. Together with our partners, we are changing the lives of billions of people worldwide.


Our bioactive peptides provide patented innovative solutions to companies needing new, better therapeutic options to deal with significant and growing unmet medical needs. The Bioactive Peptides we discover have the potential to offer new and innovative treatments for many of the illnesses that are becoming more prevalent as the world population continues to expand and age.

Health & Wellness

Consumer awareness has driven a huge shift in health and wellness over the last two decades. We discover and deliver new patented and highly innovative ingredients for companies operating across the Medical Food, Functional Food, Supplement and Over-the- Counter treatment areas. Our bioactive peptides have the potential to offer people solutions across a number of areas including inflammation, blood glucose, anti-microbial and anti-ageing.

Dermatology/Personal Care

Our Bioactive Peptides have the potential to deliver solutions that increase the skin’s health, addressing people’s changing expectations around personal care and ageing. Peptides are already well recognized and utilised within the area of skincare and cosmetics. The Nuritas technology delivers natural, scientifically proven discoveries that meet the requirements of an ever more demanding and savvy consumer.

Animal & Plant Health

Bioactive peptides also have huge potential in the Animal and Plant Health areas. At Nuritas, we are committed to delivering patented Bioactive Peptides to answer the significant needs of these diverse areas.


A wealth of future applications

Nuritas is committed to exploring the potential of Bioactive Peptides to build a better, healthier world. If you’d like to discuss the benefits of our platform with our team, get in touch.