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Consumer Health

Consumer awareness has driven a huge shift in health and wellness over the last two decades. We discover and deliver new patented and highly innovative ingredients for companies operating across the Medical Food, Functional Food, Supplement and Over-the- Counter treatment areas. Our bioactive peptides have the potential to offer people solutions across a number of areas including inflammation, blood glucose, anti-microbial and anti-ageing.

Animal & Plant Health

Bioactive peptides also have huge potential in the Animal and Plant Health areas. At Nuritas, we are committed to delivering patented Bioactive Peptides to answer the significant needs of these diverse areas.

Human Clinical

At Nuritas, we are already working with a number of global market leaders such as BASF, Nestle and Pharmavite. We are the first company in the world to prove AI can take a naturally derived anti inflammatory product from concept to market, and we did it in less than 2 years (in partnership with BASF).

The Nuritas Peptide Finder (ΝΠΦ) Platform 

The Benefits

Targeted approach

Our targeted or on-demand discovery process enables true white space innovation, leading to the creation of new markets and solutions to both old and new problems.

High speed prediction

The speed of our prediction process is unrivalled. By leveraging the power of machine learning, the speed and accuracy of our predictions improves with each peptide we discover.

100% naturally sourced ingredients

Our bioactive peptides are sourced from food and thus are natural with extraordinary health benefits.

Cost effective innovation

Driven by the speed and accuracy of our platform, Nuritas™ accomplishes in months what previously took years, saving tens of millions in research and development costs.

Product differentiation

Each of our bioactive peptides is unique with powerful therapeutic benefits. The peptides that we discover are the first of their kind and patented.


These molecules are found in everyday foodstuffs, ​meaning that we have the ability to deliver sustainable, cost-effective and scalable natural ingredients to many industries.

Nuritas Pipeline

Working with Nuritas

We have active ingredients (Peptide Networks), which are proprietary, that have been through various stages of in vitro and in vivo validation. These would be immediately available to take forward (see our pipeline, above)

Working with partners ‘on demand’.

You tell us what areas of interest you have, indications/targets you’d like us to generate a peptide network, which we then validate for you.

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