An intelligent ingredient to increase glucose metabolism

PeptiForce™ is clinically tested and contains 4 targeted peptides that improve the body’s ability to metabolise sugar, it can address needs across the health continuum.

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Clinically Tested

Reduces HbA1C

Increases glucose metabolism

Natural peptides

Optimized through millions of years of evolution

Active health benefits

Using our body’s natural communication signals to restore and repair

Proven by science

Years of R&D to bring our discoveries to life

Plant based


Discovered by Nuritas

Earth Friendly


Clinically Proven


PeptiForce™ significantly reduces HbA1C in Men

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** denotes significance of P=0.005 vs Placebo


Energy when you need it


Improve your metabolism to increase energy and fitness

Poor health

Improved glucose management for those that need it

Chronic disease

A valuable tool for those with impaired glucose tolerance

Elevate Your Body and Mind With PeptiForceTM

Nuritas – Inspired by Nature, Delivered by Technology

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Nuritas Scientific Advisory Board

Rheumatology expert, Dr David Chernoff, on the benefits of the Nuritas