Nuritas combines AI and peptidomics to discover bioactive peptides with extraordinary health benefits.

Inspired by nature, delivered through technology

Natural peptides

Optimized through millions of years of evolution

Active health benefits

Using our body’s natural communication signals to restore and repair

Proven by science

Years of R&D to bring our discoveries to life


Remarkably, a single apple offers more molecular data than all social media content combined! On average, plants and other food sources contain more than 30 billion peptides.

Our proprietary platform targets, predicts and unlocks novel Bioactive Peptides from natural sources. These deliver highly specific, efficient and life-changing health benefits.

Our Science


Our peptide portfolio is used by a wide range of partners to enrich their products with natural scientifically proven health benefits.

Each peptide addresses a different specific area including muscle health, anti-inflammation, gut health, skin care, glucose management and food preservation.

Our products


Nuritas has partnered with some of the world’s leading ingredient, food and pharmaceutical corporations to discover natural peptides with health benefits.

Some of our partners:

There’s more data in this one apple then all social media put together

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Our expert Scientific Advisory Board on all things Peptides and Nuritas

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