An intelligent ingredient to repair and enhance the body’s muscle machinery

PeptiStrong improves the body’s ability to make and keep muscle in fundamental ways, it can address needs across the health continuum.

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Increase in Muscle Synthesis

Reduction in Inflammation

Reduction in Muscle Loss

Natural peptides

Optimized through millions of years of evolution

Active health benefits

Using our body’s natural communication signals to restore and repair

Proven by science

Years of R&D to bring our discoveries to life

Plant based


Discovered by Nuritas

Earth Friendly

Animal Free



PeptiStrong reduces skeletal muscle atrophy

No PeptiStrongTM
With PeptiStrongTM

Biopsy results 

PeptiStrong increases muscle regeneration

No PeptiStrongTM
With PeptiStrongTM

Biopsy results Type I & Type II muscle fibers 

Benefits of PeptiStrong


Build muscle mass faster with incresed anabolic processes


Get fitter faster – Stay fitter longer.

Comfort zone

Reduce age-related muscle loss. Better Weight control with incresed lean muscle.

Poor health

Support weight loss programs with better metabolic health.

Chronic disease

Protect muscle and delay the onset of frailty

Elevate Your Body and Mind With PeptiStrongTM

Nuritas takes a multi-targeted approach to Muscle Health

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