Novel peptide ingredient discovered for its ability to slow down cellular aging.

PeptiYouth™ is clinically tested to improve cellular regeneration with a unique double action which increases cellular matrix reconstruction and reduces inflammation

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Using AI, novel peptides discovered in pea, were identified and found to have skin benefits.

Peptides were then tested on skin explants in culture.

Clinical research showed efficacy in humans.

World’s first ever clinically proven anti-aging molecule discovered by AI

Clinical research showed efficacy in humans.

  • Human Clinical Trial
  • 28 day, 40 person double blind placebo trial





Study Participants say their skin is





Firmer, More Toned


Regained Vitality


Less Tired Face


More Radiant


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International Journal of Cosmetic Science
“The anti-ageing effects of a natural peptide discovered by Artificial Intelligence”  
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PeptiYouth™ significantly reduces wrinkle depth after only 28 days of use.

Depth of wrinkle represented in blue.

No PeptiYouthTM

Drag green line to see before and after

With PeptiYouthTM For only 28 days

The industry-recognized standard, Canfield PRIMOS R 3D Lite, was used for evaluating wrinkle depth in a double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial with 45–65-year-old women.   This 3D surface imaging system is routinely used to document and validate product efficacy in clinical studies designed for claim substantiation.   Uses include evaluation of skin microstructures as observed in wrinkles and wounds including assessment of their management.

PRIMOS References
Bleve et al 2012 Dermatol Res Pract doi: 10.1155/2012/673706
Luebberding 2013 Skin Res Technol doi: 10.1111/srt.12079
Teot et al journal of Wound Care doi: 10.12968/jowc.2003.12.9.26539

PeptiYouth™ significantly reduces the appearance of crow’s feet wrinkles around the eye.

No PeptiYouthTM

Drag green line to see before and after

With PeptiYouthTM For only 28 days

Standardized images were captured using Canfield Visia Skin Analysis System, allowing for multi-point positioning of registered images from clinical trial participants to document changes over time.

Kennedy et al., Int J Cosmet Sci 2020 Aug; 42(4):388-398
The anti-ageing effects of a natural peptide discovered by artificial intelligence.

Clinically Tested

Reduced Skin Roughness

Reduced Skin Wrinkles

Enhanced Collagen production

Inspired by nature

Animal Free

Proven by Science

Patent Protected


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