Our research has shown that consumers today are seeking innovative, plant based solutions to help them better manage sports- related inflammation

Tina Low, Vice President Business Management
BASF Human Nutrition

Multi-sector collaborations

We partner with a variety of companies to discover peptides with health benefits including industry leaders in the food, pharma, dietary supplement, medical food, cosmetics, animal and plant health sectors.

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Pharma projects

Nuritas is at the forefront of a new approach to peptide drug discovery and development. We can deploy our platform to revolutionize peptide drug discovery through:

  • R&D collaborations: enriching partner pipelines through identification of new biology
  • Expanding the therapeutic universe: discovering interventions for “difficult to drug” targets
  • Understanding polypharmacology: leverage the ΝΠΦ Platform to identify a range of novel opportunities that address compensatory and conformational changes resulting from systems biology that will require a multi-targeted, multi-drug approach
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Ingredient projects

Nuritas has disrupted the way we discover and develop new natural active ingredients for the food, dietary supplement, cosmetics animal and plant health arenas.

Do you want to enrich your active ingredient pipeline? Or create unique product offerings? We can deploy our platform to revolutionize new active ingredient discovery for all types of functionalities.

Recent projects:  Nestle partners with Nuritas

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