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The Evolution of Peptide Discovery in the age of artificial intelligence

Peptides serve as the body’s biological vocabulary – essential communication and signaling tools. Cellular communication and regulation of the body’s homeostasis, mediated through individual peptides and by combinations and cascades of peptides, is essential to maintaining human health and fighting disease.

The Nuritas Peptide Finder (ΝΠΦ) Platform allows us to interrogate, interpret and translate that language to rapidly find therapeutic interventions using the body’s own language to correct dysfunction and resulting disease.

Researchers have long since recognized the utility of peptides in treating human illnesses. Since the introduction of insulin in the 1920s, many peptide-based drugs have been approved in the US and other major markets and hundreds are in active development today. They offer widely acknowledged advantages over other therapeutic modalities…

  • Broader Target Universe
  • Target Specificity/Safety Profile
  • Lower Immunogenicity Potential
  • Ease of Manufacturing

Our Approach

Artificial intelligence is uniquely suited to addressing the challenges of peptide discovery…

With an essentially infinite peptide search space, the process of peptide discovery has been extraordinarily challenging to humans and, as a result, only a tiny portion of the peptide universe has been explored. The Nuritas Peptide Finder (ΝΠΦ) Platform has been specifically designed to solve that problem.

Using state of the art machine learning and deep learning methodologies, we are dramatically increasing the peptide search space and improving the speed and quality of peptide discovery efforts. In doing so, we have discovered that the conventional wisdom around peptides is incorrect.

With cycle times of only weeks, we have identified unmodified, short, linear peptides with:

  • Highly potent target specific or phenotypic efficacy signals
  • The ability to penetrate cells and engage intracellular targets, and
  • Desirable pharmacokinetic drug-like profiles and unprecedented biological stability

The ΝΠΦ Predictors generate high quality hits…

The Nuritas Peptide Finder (ΝΠΦ) Platform has demonstrated an extraordinary rate of accuracy:

63% of predicted peptide sequences have validated in disease specific in vitro assays when the target is known

60% of predicted peptide sequences have validated in disease specific in vitro assays when the precise disease target is unknown

45% of predicted peptide combinations have validated in disease specific in vitro assays for a multi-targeted disease state

Our Solution

The Nuritas Peptide Finder (ΝΠΦ) Platform

Developed and continually improved over the last five years, our proprietary ΝΠΦ Predictors integrate three data sources: 

  • Using proprietary data processing techniques, we curate and format a data repository containing all relevant literature, patents, and information from both public and non-public domains 
  • Leveraging one of the world’s largest libraries of naturally occurring peptides, we integrate a collection of peptide specific data points
  • Using state of the art data integrations, we continually update our Predictors with specifically designed in vitro, in vivo, and human clinical data on peptide activities

We are constantly evolving our technology to leverage cutting edge advances in data science and biology.

Our Pipeline

Nuritas has discovered and is developing a robust portfolio of therapeutic peptide programs.

Nuritas Pipeline

  • Novel Target
  • Displays efficacy in all NASH domains: Anti-steatotic (in vivo); Anti-inflammatory; Anti-fibrotic
  • Mechanistic profile distinct from other advanced NASH candidates
  • Cell penetrance has been demonstrated at femtomolar concentration
  • Novel profile vs > 400 external bioactive compounds
  • No toxicity in any human primary cell lines tested

The ΝΠΦ Platform was tasked with predicting a peptide sequence that can specifically and selectively bind to the KRASG12D mutant. The peptide sequence series predicted has demonstrated a mutant specific cytotoxic effect and shows no effect on wild type KRAS.


The Nuritas ΝΠΦ Platform is agnostic to biology and we are deploying is across a wide variety of therapeutic areas:

  • ONCOLOGY: Novel target for KRAS G12D
  • METABOLIC DISEASE: GLP1R compound for diabetes
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DISEASE: IL17 mediated disease
  • ANTI-INFECTIVE: An anti-microbial effective against 6/7 ESKAPE pathogens
  • MUSCULOSKELETAL: Muscle atrophy/dystrophy, sarcopenia, cachexia
  • DERMATOLOGY: A novel peptide for skin aging

We are actively seeking partners for the existing programs, and for co-development collaboration that will effectively utilize the Nuritas ΝΠΦ Platform to expand partner pipelines and address unmet clinical needs.


Nuritas is at the forefront of a new approach to peptide drug discovery and development.

The company is looking to drive significant R&D value by partnering or licensing existing Nuritas programs:

  • Rapid Pipeline Building: exclusive access to compounds in the Nuritas portfolio
    • Novel Fibrosis Program
    • KRASG12D Program

We are also looking to deploy our platform to revolutionize peptide drug discovery through:

  • R&D Collaborations: enriching partner pipelines through identification of new biology
  • Expanding the Therapeutic Universe: discovering interventions for “difficult to drug” targets
  • Understanding Polypharmacology: leverage the ΝΠΦ Platform to identify a range of novel opportunities that address compensatory and conformational changes resulting from systems biology that will require a multi-targeted, multi-drug approach

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