Peptides are the language of communication within organisms. The best strategy to improve function is to use the same language they use.

Prof Bruce German

What are peptides ?

Peptides are smaller versions of proteins. Both proteins and peptides are made up of amino acids, but peptides contain far fewer amino acids than proteins. Like proteins, peptides are naturally present in foods.

Peptides are easier for the body to absorb than proteins because they are smaller and more broken down than proteins. They can more easily penetrate skin and intestines which helps them enter the bloodstream more quickly.

We are focussed on bioactive peptides, or those that have a beneficial effect on the body and positively impact human health. Different bioactive peptides have different properties. The effects they have on the body vary depending on the sequence of amino acids they contain

Our platform

Since our founding in 2014, we have built and grown our unique discovery platform N𝛑𝛟™ (Nuritas Peptide Finder). Our N𝛑𝛟™ artificial intelligence platform with wet lab has been shaped and trained on years of proprietary experimental data as well as curated structured and unstructured data allowing it to predict novel peptides with targeted efficacy.

Beyond efficacy N𝛑𝛟™ can also predict with huge accuracy the chemical and physical characteristics of peptides needed to have clinical and commercial viability, such as cell penetration or bioavailability.


Billions of peptides explored


Faster than traditional methods


More accurate than traditional methods

AI, science and nature working together


Proprietary data from State-of-the-Art Lab Testing Facility

  • 50,000 Peptides Tested
  • 4,000 Assays per Week
  • 2000 Peptides Tested for Gastro Intestinal Digestion & Intestinal Stability


AI Performance

63% Bioactivity Accuracy Fueled by years of Proprietary data and Manually Curated data.



World Leaders in Peptide-centric Proteomics

  • Pioneering Peptidomic Method Development
  • Largest natural library of peptides
Biological accuracy

Biological efficacy solved

Bioavailability Accuracy

Solving the perceived peptide issue of bioavailability

Cell Penetration Accuracy

Solving the perceived peptide issue of cell penetration

From prediction to finished product

Some of the areas we work in

Nuritas takes a multi-targeted approach to Muscle Health

Rheumatology expert, Dr David Chernoff, on the benefits of the Nuritas approach

Neil Foster interview on Nuritas

Renowned world expert Prof Bruce German on the “Genius of Nuritas”

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