Our proprietary platform targets, predicts and unlocks novel bioactive peptides from food sources. These deliver highly specific, efficient and life-changing health solutions.

Highly Targeted Solutions

We begin the discovery process by precisely defining the health condition and targets we wish to modulate. We then use our proprietary search tools to identify the characteristics specific to our area of focus. Throughout this process, we use the most up-to-date academic and scientific knowledge to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of our prediction algorithms.

Prediction through artificial intelligence

Having begun the discovery process as above, we take advantage of multiple proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms, including deep learning. Using these, we are now uniquely able to predict which novel food-derived bioactive peptides deliver the pre-determined effect that we are seeking. This cuts out many thousands of hours of trial and error.


Unlocking the power of

Bioactive Peptides

After targeting and predicting high potential Bioactive Peptides, we unlock them from within the food source for their pre-defined therapeutic use.


A huge and growing library of patented Bioactive Peptides with extraordinary potential.

Our library of plant and animal derived Bioactive Peptides have gone through hundreds of millions of years of selective evolution to become the most potent repairers, healers and protectors.

The Benefits

Targeted approach

Our targeted or on-demand discovery process enables true white space innovation, leading to the creation of new markets and solutions to both old and new problems.

High speed prediction

The speed of our prediction process is unrivalled. By leveraging the power of machine learning, the speed and accuracy of our predictions improves with each peptide we discover.

100% naturally sourced ingredients

Our bioactive peptides are sourced from food and thus are natural with extraordinary health benefits.

Cost effective innovation

Driven by the speed and accuracy of our platform, Nuritas™ accomplishes in months what previously took years, saving tens of millions in research and development costs.

Product differentiation

Each of our bioactive peptides is unique with powerful therapeutic benefits. The peptides that we discover are the first of their kind and patented.


These molecules are found in everyday foodstuffs, ​meaning that we have the ability to deliver sustainable, cost-effective and scalable natural ingredients to many industries.

Discovery on demand

If you’re interested in learning more about our existing discoveries, please get in touch. Given our high rates of prediction success we also work with partners who have us focus for them “on-demand” on areas of key importance and high unmet medical need.